Undergraduate Certificate in Middle East and Muslim World Studies

General Information

The Middle East and greater Muslim World are the most significant and consequential regions shaping contemporary world politics and dynamics. Strong knowledge of the Middle East and Muslim World is a major asset to graduates seeking employment in governmental institutions and the private sector or going on to graduate school and into academia.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Middle East and Muslim World Studies, which is offered through the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Center for Muslim World Studies, provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the increasingly important region of the Middle East, as well as the broader discourse on Islam and global Muslim communities. 

The program provides a rich multidisciplinary learning experience, with a choice of courses in the fields of international relations, political science, history, religious studies, geography, sociology/anthropology, global cultural studies, and modern languages, among others. The certificate also provides an overview of the Muslim experience in the West. Two semesters of Arabic or other relevant language are required.

This certificate program is open to degree-seeking students only.

For more information contact the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Center for Muslim World Studies:

Location: SIPA II 529; Email: jaffercenter@fiu.edu; Phone (305) 348-1792.


Certificate Requirements

To initiate the online application, contact your assigned academic advisor or email jaffercenter@fiu.edu. Be sure to include your name and Panther ID number.

A total of 18 credit hours of undergraduate course work from three categories of courses listed below with a grade of C or higher are required.

1) Core Requirements: (6 credits)

Select one of the following courses (3 credits):

  • ASH 3223 History of the Middle East from the 1800 to the Present
  • INR 3274 International Relations of the Middle East
  • GEA 3635 Population and Geography of the Middle East
  • CPO 3403 Politics of the Middle East

Select one of the following courses (3 credits)

  • INR 4082 Islam in International Relations
  • REL 3362 Islamic Faith and Society
  • REL 3320 Moses, Jesus, Mohammed
  • REL 4666 Voice of the Prophet/The Prophet Speaks
  • REL 4993 Interpreting the Quran: Gender & Jihad

NOTE: All courses listed in the above two core categories, with the exception of two courses chosen by student as “core”, could also be taken as “Electives”. (For instance, if a student takes two courses from the first core section, INR 3274 and CPO 3403, one will count as a core course and the other as an elective.)


2) Language Requirement (up to 6 credits):

Students are required to obtain two semesters or equivalent of a Middle Eastern language (e.g. Arabic or Hebrew). Exemption from this requirement may be obtained through a proficiency examination administered by the FIU Department of Modern Languages. Language courses are listed below. (*Note: Although langauge courses count as 5 credits each, only 3 credits per course will be applied to this section for the certificate.)

  • ARA 1130 Arabic I
  • ARA 1131 Arabic II
  • ARA 2240 Intermediate Arabic
  • HBR 1130 Hebrew I
  • HBR 1131 Hebrew II
  • HBR 2200 Intermediate Hebrew
  • HBR 3100 Biblical Hebrew I
  • HBR 3101 Biblical Hebrew II
  • TUR 1130 Turkish I
  • TUR 1131 Turkish II
  • PSN 1130 Persian I
  • PSN 1131 Persian II

3) Elective Courses (6 credits):

All students are to choose two courses (6 credits) from the courses listed below:

  • ANT 4930 Topics: People of the Middle East
  • ARA 3993 Arabic Language and Culture
  • CPO 3530 Comparative Politics of Pakistan, India, and South Asia
  • CPO 4401 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • CPO 4930 Topics: Iraq-Politics and Society
  • EUH 4123 Medieval Holy War
  • EVR 3402 Asian Environmental Issues
  • GEA 3554 Geography of Russia and Central Eurasia
  • GEA 3705 Geography of Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • HIS 3314 Women and Gender in Medieval Eurasia
  • INR 3222 Pakistan in Regional and Global Politics
  • INR 3226 International Relations of Central Asia and the Caucuses
  • INR 3262 International Relations of Russia and the Former USSR
  • INR 3763 Global Politics of Cyberspace and Artificial Intelligence
  • INR 4273 IR of Iran and the Persian Gulf
  • REL 3220 Moses, Priests and Prophets
  • REL 3314 Religion on the Silk Road
  • REL 3672 Religion and Society in Israel/Palestine
  • REL 4361 Women in Islam
  • REL 4312 Jews of Asia
  • WST 4272 History of Women & Gender in the Modern Middle East

In addition to the courses listed above, relevant special topics, independent study, study abroad credits, and area studies or comparative studies courses may also, with the approval of the Director, be applied.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the Jaffer Center at:

Email: jaffercenter@fiu.edu

Phone: (305) 348-1792

Location: SIPA II 529


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X indicates core class

Please note that the list of courses offered may change prior to the beginning of the semester, due to FIU scheduling decisions. We encourage you to check this page regularly for any updates, as well as the PantherSoft official Class Schedule at http://my.fiu.edu.