Jessie Abouarab

Jessie Abouarab, Assistant Professor, Center for Women and Gender Studies

Email: jabouara@fiu.edu
Office: DM 216B
Areas of Specialization: Foreign policy and security studies in the Middle East, specializing in women’s and gender studies.

Iqbal Akhtar

Iqbal Akhtar, Associate Professor

Email: iakhtar@fiu.edu
Office: DM 359B
Areas of Specialization: Advanced Interpretation of the Quran, Voice of the Prophet, Islamic Faith and Society, Women in Islam, and Islamic Mysticism (Sufism).

Akkaya Aslihan

Akkaya Aslihan, Associate Teaching Professor, Dept of Global and Sociocultural Studies

Email: aaslihan@fiu.edu Office: MMC, SIPA 315
Phone: (305) 348-7555
Areas of Specialization: Language and Media, Language and Piety, Turkish Diaspora, Social Movements

Daniel Alvarez

Daniel Alvarez, Associate Teaching Professor

Email: alvarezd@fiu.edu
Office: DM 304A
Areas of Specialization: Protestant Theology, Reformation, Evangelicalism, World Religions

Cyra Choudhury

Cyra Choudhury, Professor

Email: Cyra.Choudhury@fiu.edu
Phone: (305) 348-1153
Areas of Specialization: Postcolonial Theory, Critical Theory, International Law, and Law in Islamic Societies

Shlomi Dinar

Shlomi Dinar, Associate Dean, Green School of Intl. and Public Affairs

Email: Shlomi.Dinar@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 526
Phone: (305) 348-6958
Areas of Specialization: International Environmental Politics, Non-traditional Security Studies, Conflict Resolution and International Negotiation.

Mohamed K. Ghumrawi

Mohamed K. Ghumrawi, Adjunct Lecturer

Email: mghumraw@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 528
Areas of Specialization: Middle East politics, Foreign Policy, Security Studies, State Formation and Development, Conflict Resolution, Palestinian-Israeli relations.

Erik Larson

Erik Larson, Associate Professor

Email: larsone@fiu.edu
Office: DM303
Areas of Specialization: New Testament, Christian Origins, Ancient Judaism, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Middle East, Interfaith Dialogue

Qing Lai

Qing Lai, Associate Professor of Sociology

Email: qlai@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 313
Areas of Specialization: Chinese Muslim society, social demography, social stratification, sociology of development

T.J. Liguori

T.J. Liguori, Khalid & Diana Mirza Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: tliguori@fiu.edu
Areas of Specialization: International political theory, international historical sociology, Kashmir, South Asia, and postcolonial and decolonial conceptions of the international.

Eric Lob

Eric Lob, Associate Professor

Email: elob@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 401
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics, International Relations, Middle East and Development Studies with a focus on Iran, Lebanon, and Syria.

Mohiaddin Mesbahi

Mohiaddin Mesbahi, Founding Director & Associate Professor

Email: mesbahim@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 435
Phone: (305) 348-1857
Areas of Specialization: Islam and Politics, National Security and Strategic Studies, Soviet/Russian Foreign Policy, International Relations of Central Asia.

Sara Pezeshk

Sara Pezeshk, Visiting Assistant Professor

Email: spezeshk@fiu.edu

Tudor Parfitt

Tudor Parfitt, Distinguished Professor

Email: tparfitt@fiu.edu
Office: DM 369
Areas of Specialization: The periphery of the Jewish world, Judaising movements, Muslim-Jewish Relations, the Jews of the Yemen, Jews of the Muslim world, the Sephardi World, Conversos, Jews in Africa and the Americas.

Terrence Peterson

Terrence Peterson, Assistant Professor

Email: tpeterso@fiu.edu
Office: DM 390
Areas of Specialization: North Africa, Islam in Europe

Seema Pissaris

Seema Pissaris, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship

Email: spissari@fiu.edu
Office: RB 310
Phone: (305) 348-2794
Areas of Specialization: Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Executive Compensation, Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

Naisy Sarduy

Naisy Sarduy, Associate Teaching Professor

Email: nsarduy@fiu.edu

Office: MMC, SIPA 402

Areas of Specialization: Middle East Politics, International Relations of the Middle East, Contemporary Problems in International Relations

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith, Associate Professor

Email: Benjamin.Smith@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 305
Phone: (305) 348-2074
Areas of Specialization: Landscape, Cultural Economy, Middle East, Urban Geography.

Oren Stier

Oren Stier, Professor

Email: stiero@fiu.edu
Areas of Specialization: Judaic Studies, Religion and Culture