Affiliated Faculty

Tamanna Ashraf, Adjunct Lecturer, Politics and International Relations

Nima Baghdadi

Nima Baghdadi, Assistant Teaching Professor


Bill B. Barber IV, Adjunct Lecturer, Politics and International Relations

Whitney Bauman

Whitney Bauman, Assistant Professor

Office: DM 301A
Areas of Specialization: Religion and its Relationship with Science

Caroline Faria

Caroline Faria, Assistant Professor

Office: SIPA 308
Phone: (305) 348-7555
Areas of Specialization: Feminist Political Geography, Gender and Nationalism, Qualitative Methods, Sudan and the Sudanese diaspora.

Zenel Garcia

Zenel Garcia, Assistant Professor


Areas of Specialization: Security, Geopolitics, Eurasian Politics, Indo-Pacific Politics, Borderland Politics.

Joel Heinen

Joel Heinen, Professor

Office: ECS 345
Phone: (305) 348-3732
Areas of Specialization: Conservation Biology and Policy, Terrestrial Vertebrate Ecology, Environment in Central Asia

Mohamad Homayounvash

Mohamad Homayounvash, Instructor

Interests: Strategic Studies, Foreign Policy, IR of the Middle East and Contemporary Problems in International Relations

Assefa Melesse

Assefa Melesse, Associate Professor

Office: ECS 339
Phone: (305) 348-6518
Areas of Specialization: Spatially distributed hydrologic modeling, ecohydrology, surface and groundwater interaction modeling, climate change impact studies, water-energy-carbon fluxes coupling and modeling, remote sensing hydrology, land cover change detection and scaling, Environment, the Middle East, and Africa.

Asher Milbauer

Asher Milbauer, Professor
Office: DM 460
Phone: (305) 348-2259
Area of Specialization: 20th Century English and American Literature; Exile Literature; Eastern European Literature; Jewish Literature (both in Yiddish and Hebrew); Literature and Society; Literature of the Holocaust.

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Associate Professor

Office: BBC, ACI-331
Phone: (305) 348-3653

Saeed Moshvegheganeh

Saeed Moshvegheganeh, Affiliated Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellow STEM

Email: Areas of Specialization: Effect of culture on identity formation and intersection of multiple identities (i.e., race, gender, spirituality) on pursuing physics, Muslim women in STEM fields, understanding cultural factors facilitating or impeding minorized groups from pursuing physics and using this knowledge to improve diversity in the field of physics.

Umer Rahman

Umer Rahman, Instructor

Office: PC 100
Areas of Specialization: Modern South Asian history and historiography; security studies, postcolonial theory and trans-cultural studies.

Lana Shehadeh, Assistant Professor, Politics and International Relations

Ryan Stoa

Ryan Stoa

Phone: (305) 919-4118

Hannibal Travis

Hannibal Travis, Associate Professor

Phone: (305) 348-8371