From Huntington to Trump 25 Years of the “Clash of Civilizations”

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Venue:FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus, SIPA 502-503


From Huntington to Trump: 25 Years of the “Clash of Civilizations” Lecture by Jeffrey Haynes, London Metropolitan University

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 3:30 PM | FIU MMC | SIPA 502

How can we best understand and account for the “clash of civilizations” in both international relations and selected countries? Most analyses of this topic starts from Samuel Huntington’s treatises in the early to mid 1990s. In the 25 years since then, the “clash of civilizations” has been a hot topic, particularly at the United Nations. In addition, various right-wing populist governments, including the current Trump administration in the U.S. and those in Hungary and Poland, have demonstrated their antipathy to Muslim immigrants, by adopting language and policies that appear to adhere to an understanding of the world seen through the prism of Huntington's “clash of civilizations.” 

This presentation will examine the rise of right-wing populism in the U.S. and Europe and the associated widespread development of “inter-civilizational” conflict. It will also analyze how the “international community” has sought to deal with the issue at the United Nations.

Jeffrey Haynes is Emeritus Professor of Politics at London Metropolitan University, UK.  He has research interests in several areas, including religion and international relations; religion and politics; democracy and democratization; and the politics of development. Haynes has 240 publications, including 44 books. He is currently working on a book entitled: From Trump to Huntington: 25 Years of the "Clash of Civilizations," which is contracted to Lexington Books, an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield, and due for completion in mid-2019.

Co-Sponsored by Politics and International Relations Graduate Student Club

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